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Meet the Founder

Samuel Bowden is an educated, multifaceted and intrinsic licensed private investigator that has over 25 years of law enforcement, criminal justice, and investigative experience. He is considered a man of honor, integrity, and character. The Bowden Group & Associates is considered an Integrated Executive Protection and Investigative Agency that is recognized and respected within the law enforcement and criminal justice community.

As a strong advocate for higher education, Mr. Bowden has acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Masters of Science in Management and a Masters of Science Degree in Cyber Security with a minor in Digital Forensic Investigations. In addition to completing countless trainings in law enforcement and criminal justice fields, he has aquired numerous certifications and is considered a subject matter expert in investigative practices and procedures.

He served the city of Baltimore as a police officer, homicide detective and subject matter expert in cybersecurity, digital forensics, civil, criminal and financial crimes investigations. He was hand selected to serve as one of the first members on the Violent Crimes Task Force (initiated by the Mayor of Baltimore). He conducted special investigations for the State's Attorney’s office and served on the executive protection detail for the State's Attorney of Baltimore Maryland. He was one of three detectives assigned to the high profile Witness Locator Unit (publicized by Time Magazine and The Washington Post for its success).

In his tenure with the Baltimore Police Department, Mr. Bowden mentored/trained both uniformed officers and plain clothes detectives in the dynamics of investigative practices and procedures. He served as an instructor and is considered a subject matter expert on violent, cyber and financial crimes while assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division for the majority of his career.

Mr. Bowden currently serves as an adjunct professor for several Colleges and Universities, as well as a multi-topic Instructor for the Baltimore City Police Academy.

His love and passion for the law enforcement and criminal justice has caused him to be a highly acclaimed and sought after professor, trainer and investigator that gets the job done.

Mr. Bowden's Credentials


  • Voice/Stress Analysis Examiner
  • Certified Maryland Notary Public
  • Maryland Handwriting Analysis Examiner
  • Maryland Live Scan Fingerprint Examiner
  • Maryland Life and Health Insurance Agent License
  • CASP- COMPTIA Advanced Security Practitioner
  • CEH- Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Train-the-Trainer Certification/ Maryland State Police Certification
  • Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions – Instructor
  • International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) -Member
  • Maryland Financial Crimes & Identity Theft Investigations (M.A.B.S.) –Instructor

Specialized Trainings:

  • Fraud Analyst Training
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Background Investigation Training
  • Fire and Arson Investigative School
  • Insurance Fraud and Investigations
  • Money Laundering Schemes Training
  • Quality Compliance and Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Domestic and Workplace Violence
  • LLC Homicide Investigation Leadership
  • Reid Interview and Interrogation School
  • FBI Identity Theft and Fraud Investigations
  • DEA Drug Certification, ATF Handgun Recognition
  • Regional White Collar Crimes Investigations School
  • Magloclen Intelligence and Information Sharing Course
  • Frances Glessner - Lee Seminar in Homicide Investigation
  • LEEDA/ Lifelock Identity Theft and Fraud Investigation Course
  • Maryland Association of Banks Identity Theft and Fraud Investigations
  • Recognition of Deceptive Behavior Course/ Reid School of Investigations.

Awards and Honors:

  • Numerous Unit Citations – Criminal Investigations
  • Letters of Appreciation – General Letters from Citizens
  • Letter of Recognition – Apprehended Shooting Suspect
  • Major’s Letter of Recognition – Off-Duty Arrest – Suspect in a Theft
  • Bronze Star for Exemplary Investigative Practices (BG&E/ Elderly Scam) Investigation
  • Letter of Recommendation – Off-Duty Arrest of two Commercial Armed Robbery Suspects
  • Major’s Letter of Recommendation – Arrest of Armed Suspect in a Commercial Armed Robbery

Expert Witness Recognition:

Recognized and testified as an expert witness in homicide and violent crime investigative techniques before the juvenile, adult, misdemeanor and felony courts on district, circuit and federal levels for Baltimore, Maryland.

Community Service:

In spite of Mr. Bowden's busy schedule he still finds time to invest in the lives of youth and give back to the community by volunteering as a member of multiple organizations:

  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated
  • Assistant Coach forYouth Baseball, Basketball and Football leagues
  • Mentor and Counselor for Disadvantaged Youth
  • Community Service
  • He developed an educational curriculum that focuses on the social and behavioral aspects of teens
  • Middle School Youth Counselor – Baltimore Rap Sessions Program (Baltimore City P.S.S.)
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