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Services and Payment Policies

The Bowden Group & Associates is a full service consultant and training agency; which offers specialized services in four specific areas: private investigations, security, transportation and training.

Thank you for choosing our agency to meet your needs, as we diligently work to exceed your expectations.

Regarding our services, The Bowden Group & Associates require a 50% deposit upon the signing of all contracts to secure services. The remaining portions of any unpaid balances must be submitted 3-days prior to the start of your selected services. Services will not began until payments have been rendered in full.

Cancellation Policy: The Bowden Group & Associates allows a three (3) day grace period to cancel any service. Should you cancel your services during the grace period you will receive the sum total of 80% for payments made. We reserve the right to retain a 20% processing fee. Any cancelations requested after the 3-day grace period will be granted with non-refundable payments.

Thank you for your payment to The Bowden Group & Associates, click the link below to proceed.

The Bowden Group & Associates

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